Day 1: Minimalism


min·i·mal·ism  – Use of the fewest and barest essentials or elements, as in the arts, literature, or design.

Why minimalism?

We have too much stuff.  

I share a 1,200 square foot apartment with a puppy and my husband.  Due to insane rent in our area, we are contemplating moving into a one bedroom apartment (~800 square feet) in 2014. I’m approaching minimalism as a way to avoid renting a storage unit.

My Approach

I’m going to approach becoming a minimalist for a month using a condensed version of  the post “The 10 Most Important Things to Simplify in Your Life” by Becoming Minimalist.  I will focus on each of the 4 categories for 7 days with the remaining 3 days left for reflection.

  • Reduce Possessions
    • Sort through items for 10 minutes/day.  
    • Donate, recycle, or throw away unnecessary items.
  • Reduce Time Commitments
    • Keep schedule simple.  
    • Allow plenty of time for relaxing  
  • Reduce Artificial Ingredients
    • Track food
    • Avoid junk
  • Focus on the moment, not the screen
    • Limit TV viewing
    • iPhone/iPad use

Image by Stephen A. Wolfe.


2 thoughts on “Day 1: Minimalism

  1. I am going through a similar situation with my husband (and two cats) which is what started my whole minimalist approach, we will be downsizing and moving into a smaller apartment in the coming months. I have a feeling life will become simple and living in a smaller apartment will encourage us to get out more and begin an active lifestyle!

    Sending encouragement your way!

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