Day 2: Minimalism

This week I’m focusing on possession reduction. I’ve broken my apartment into zones to make the purge less intimidating. I won’t be a contender in The 100 Thing Challenge at the end of the week, but I will reduce the amount of stuff in my life.

Day 1: Bathroom (details below)
Day 2: Closet
Day 3: Dresser
Day 4: Kitchen
Day 5: Guest Bedroom + Donation Trip
Day 6: Bathroom, Closet, and Dresser (again)
Day 7: Guest Bedroom, Kitchen, and Guest Bathroom (again)

My bathroom clean-out went well yesterday. I used three paper bags labeled G (garbage), D (donate), and R (recycle) to quickly sort items. I threw away old make-up, recycled empty bottles, and tossed expired medication/sunscreen. I also have a bag full of jewelry to donate on Saturday. I made two trips to the recycling bins and one trip to the garbage dumpster.

Lessons learned from day 1:

I will add a put away bag (P) to my GDR bag set-up to organize/clean while purging.

The first round of items felt great. The next round will be more difficult, but I have so many items that I haven’t used in months.  I’m also not looking forward to creating a donation list, but the tax write-up will be a nice boost next year.

I sorted through my husband’s things in the bathroom, but he didn’t have many. The closet and guest bedroom will require his input to be successful.


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