Day 3: Minimalism

The closet clean out was difficult! I managed to make a huge pile for donating, but my wardrobe is still large. I have five dresses that I rarely wear because I work in a very casual office/lab. After reading this post about getting rid of items that cost less than $20 and take less than 20 minutes to replace, I settled on keeping them. I’ve slowly acquired these dresses, and I feel professional and polished when I wear them.

Two days of purging hasn’t made an impact. If I’m serious about minimalism, I will have to continue purging during weeks 2-4.


2 thoughts on “Day 3: Minimalism

  1. If it makes you feel any better about continuing to purge, I’m two years in and I literally have the back of my van filled right now with more things to take away. We have not brought very much back in since we started purging, so it is all stuff I am just getting around to. Sometimes your stuff is like an archaeological dig. You get rid of a layer and then you have to stop and sift through the next one. For instance your dresses. I think you’ve made a very sound and reasonable choice with them, but it’s possible that in a year you will look at them again and think that maybe you only need two. You might not. I’m not saying it’s “wrong” to have five dresses. But as you remove, you will change. How you feel about what you need will change.

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