Day 7: Minimalism

I’ve worked my way through our apartment.  I’ve thrown away, recycled or donated bags and bags of my possessions.  I don’t feel any lighter.  I don’t feel any less stressed.  Did I think reducing the number of items that I owned would reduce stress caused by other external factors?

I plan to continue sorting through my possessions every day for the rest of the month.  I’ll dedicate at least 5 minutes in the evening to reevaluate whether I need 3 ice cream scoops.

Starting tomorrow, I will be focused on reducing time commitments.  Any recommendations or advice?  I’ve always over scheduled my days, and I can provide a breakdown if anyone is interested.


6 thoughts on “Day 7: Minimalism

  1. I think one of the best things you can invest in is a daily planner. Mine is always in my purse to keep track of my life.

    Remember, it’s okay to say “No.” to commitments if you’re feeling bogged down.

    Always give yourself enough time to make it to you destination. How ever long it takes you to get somewhere, leave 15-20 mins earlier. It’ll save you frustration, trust me 🙂 It’ll also help you better plan around the other events going on it your day. It takes me a half hour to get to work, so I leave 45 mins before I need to be in! Hope this helps.

    P.S. I wrote you back on my blog.

  2. A recent blog I read talked about the “space between”. (wish I remembered which blog) You know how you should space things out on shelves so that you can grab one thing without knocking the ones beside it over? Well apply that to time. Leave large spaces between time commitments. That was a huge eye-opener for me. 🙂 Hope it helps

  3. I’ve been minimizing for a long time now, and although I don’t know you, I feel like I understand what you’re going through. I started simplifying my life in college, but sometimes you need a break from the process. Maybe take a day off. Getting rid of even the most seemingly meaningless items can be emotionally taxing. Maybe give it a day, and then get back to it.

    As far as reducing time commitments, that is emotionally taxing, as well. For me, the things I did were my way of defining who I was. I was busy, therefore my life was important…not! But that really is how I felt. When I figured out who I was, stopped caring about what other people thought, and decided what I really love, it was natural to say “No” to things that didn’t enhance my life. Decide what you really care about. Then it’ll be really simple to decide which activities are just time sucks.

    I really hope that helps! I’m so glad to “meet” you. We are on a similar path. Living simply is the best way of life!

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